AC at Solitaire Alfa Romeo


Faulty air conditioning system

• Slow demisting. Have the cabin filter checked.
• Generation of cold air is irregular or too slow. Have an air conditioning assessment carried out by your Alfa Romeo expert: it could be caused by a tiny gas leak. That could lead to the thermal cycle not working properly.
• The system is noisy: the compressor could be faulty. Have the belt checked.
• Poor distribution of cold air. Check the blower, it could be faulty.

Alfa Romeo is here to help
In summer as in winter, you should turn on your air conditioning for at least ten minutes every 15 days as a minimum, in order to increase its life span.


Different levels of filtration
There are three categories of Alfa Romeo filters* that offer different levels of protection against different types of pollutant: cabin particle filters, cabin carbon filters and cabin anti-allergen filters.

If you want to persistently combat the growth of bacteria (which cause allergies), microbes and bad odours, you will benefit from having the cabin filter changed by your Alfa Romeo expert as part of the maintenance of your air conditioning system, as this will cleanse the interior.

On average:
• Changing the cabin filter every 15,000 km or at least once a year.
• An assessment of the condition of your air conditioning system at least every two years.
• Changing the drier every four years (or between 60,000 and 80,000 km).
• Topping up the oil in the compressor before 100,000 km.
• Regularly cleaning the interior to constantly eliminate microbes and bad odours. Please refer to your Alfa Romeo expert to find out more.